About Good3

Good3 is a sustainable company on a mission. A New Zealand health food company with the goal of developing healthy plant-based products that are good for the body and better for the environment. The people behind Good3 are still just as passionate about helping people eat more healthily and enjoy a better, more flexible lifestyle as they were back in 1980 when it all began.

More Than Your Run-Of-The-Mill New Zealand Health Food Company

MojoMed™ Joint Support is brought to you by Good3, a New Zealand health food company.

founded on the basis of doing good. At Good3, we make organic food, health supplements and skincare products and everything we bring to market must pass 3 tests:

Are they Good products?

Are they Good for you?

Are they good for the planet?

If they don’t get 3 ticks, they don’t get made, and that’s a promise.

Introducing Ashley Berrysmith

Good3 was founded by Ashley Berrysmith. Ashley is a vegetarian, environmentalist, horticulturalist, innovator and serial entrepreneur. Ashley has a relentless passion for sustainable food production. He was the entrepreneurial talent behind the bean sprout brand, Sproutman, and the New Zealand health food company, Snap Fresh Foods, which grew, processed and marketed fresh baby leaf salads, baby carrots, slaws, stir fries, bean sprouts, dressings and condiments. He also established the Berrysmith Foundation.

A healthier world through healthier products

In his life’s work, Ashley is committed to making a tangible difference to our world. The natural health company, Good3, exists purely because Ashley believes in leaving “a legacy of a healthier world for our people and our planet through education and creating companies that develop and market good plant-based products that are good for the body and good for the planet”. 


MojoMed™ Joint Support is an effective, natural supplement for joint support made from herbs, 1000s of years of Ayurvedic health and scientific knowhow combined.


MojoMed™ Joint Support may be the all-natural 100% plant-based herbal supplements for joint health you’ve been looking for. Get back to the life you love. Order now.


Common questions about our natural joint treatment and support. More questions? Simply contact the MojoMed™ Joint Support team.

Keep out of reach of children. If you are taking prescription medication, consult your healthcare professional before taking this product. Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Not suitable if pregnant or breastfeeding.